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Lineart Tutorial - Pen tool by percylove Lineart Tutorial - Pen tool by percylove
i got bored and decided to share a tutorial on how to do lineart using the pen tool on photoshop. I have Photoshop CS3 but i'm sure this will work for any version. *shrug* i really don't know tho.

it's pretty easy actually. and it gives you nice clean lines.

Step 1: your sketch/scan that you're going to ink/lineart.

Step 2: Select the PEN tool from the toolbar. Using the PEN tool, CLICK (not drag) the points you want to connect. (you can select more than 2 points. I'm just using 2 for simplicity)

Step 3: RIGHT click anywhere on that line and select ADD ANCHOR POINT.

Step 4: Using the SELECTION tool, DRAG the anchor point until it matches the line you want to create. (Or if you have the PEN tool still selected, you can just HOLD down Ctrl while you drag that anchor point. so CTRL+PEN)

Step 4.5: BEFORE you make your STROKE PATH, be sure to check the SIZE/COLOR of your brush. This will determine how thick your line is going to come out, as well as what color.

**Do you see that small line along the anchor point? By playing with those points, you can further manipulate the line you are trying to create.**

Step 5: Whether you have the PEN tool or SELECTION tool, RIGHT click anywhere along the line. Select STROKE PATH from the menu.
Click OK

Step 5.5: If you don't like how thick the line came out, all you have to do is UNDO (Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Alt+Z) to where you undo the stroke path. Change the SIZE of the brush until your satisfied.

Step 6: Using the PEN tool or SELECTION tool, RIGHT click anywhere along your line. Select DELETE PATH from the menu. (Or you can hit DELETE twice on your keyboard)
Tada! No more funky line and all is left is a nice clean line!

continue this method for the entire picture. Don't be afraid to experiment with things like width/color, adding multiple anchor points to make funky curves, or the 'simulate pressure' option when you make the stroke path.
It's good to follow tutorials so you get the basic ideas, but it's also good to fiddle around with things.

JaneFox Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
Thanks, it's nice to learn something about ps :)
Helped me a lot ^^
percylove Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
^_^ i'm glad it helped!
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